Ethernet extenders on copper wires


CXR presents its third generation of symmetric transport of Ethernet over copper pairs using telephone cables permitting high flow rates. CXR has delivered several thousand “Ethernet extenders” equipment for campus and defense infrastructure, transportation, energy producers /utility carriers, operators and many more.

The G.SHDSL.bis technology transmits data on a single copper pair of wires at 200kbps in 5,7Mbps adaptive line. The EFM technology transports Ethernet over multiple aggregated pairs available with automatic adjustment. The CXR range incorporates many features of VLANs, Q-in-Q, QoS …



2 or 4 wires G.SHDSL.bis modem with adaptive rate depending on the length and quality of the line bridge/router and switch 4 ports per port VLAN 802.1q or Q-in-Q QoS, firewall, Version with Ethernet POE.



2-8 wires G.SHDSL.bis modem – adaptive rate according to the availability and quality of lines – Bounding EFM over 4-pair 22Mbps, bridge/switch 3-port 10/100BaseT port-based VLANs, 802.1Q or Q-in-Q, QoS and OAM 802.3ah management .



2 to 16 wires G.SHDSL.bis modem – adaptive flow rate depending on the availability and quality of lines – bounding EFM 4 pairs trunking on 2x 4 pairs to 44Mbps
Bridge/switch 3-port 10/100BaseT port or 802.1q VLAN and Q-in-Q, QoS management OAM 802.3ah. SpeederLAN-Bis-4/8 permit two directions and RSTP ring.



2 to 4 wires G.SHDSL.bis modem – industrial hardened version for transport applications. Bus architecture or RSTP ring.

AMS16-PS16-200 & SpeederLAN-Bis-R


This universal rack contains 16 SpeederLAN-Bi-R cards and concentrates
– 32-Bis 2 CopperLAN / or 4 wires
– SpeederLAN 32-Bis-4 or
– SpeederLAN 16-Bis-8
or the combination of the two..
At each link or each board is an Ethernet port available.



AMS16-PS16-200 is all equipped with 16-Bis SpeederLAN cards, switch level 2 or 3 focusing on 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Combo 32 links, supporting trunking, the EAPS ring RSTP or type diffusion IGMP, QoS and traffic optimization for the links up / down and managing sections in OAM.