Internet Router solutions to access devices through the Internet

AIRICOM has several solutions to communicate to remote equipment and devices using InternetUnknown


A 3G Router is a device carrying a 3G modem where one inserts a SIM card of a Telecom operator (Etisalat, Du, STC, MTN, Ooredoo, etc ..) and one or more Ethernet ports. The usefulness of this type of equipment can be twofold:

– allowing a device to connect to the Internet to send data to a server:



–  connecting to the remote equipment through internet safely:




For the first point, everyone can do because it does not represent any difficulty. However for the second one it can get highly complicated.

You will be confronted with a series of technical issues that must be overcome and that we do not recommend to a beginner.

Here are some of these points:

  • The APN is the name of the entry point (Access Point Name) from your telecom service provider
  • What are its specifications ? Public IP address or not? in the latter case the router will never be accessible.
  • What are the open or blocked ports?
  • Dynamic IP address? It changes with each connection, or once a day
  • Then security issue …? A 3G router connected is permanently exposed to all attacks. Without VPN protection, your system becomes vulnerable and problems can cost you a fortune….


T2M_across the LANAIRICOM offers a free of charge solution, fully oseecure, that will solve all these problems. This is the eWON modem and router that is working with a cloud based Service called “Talk2M”.





List of AIRICOM solutions

Ref Description Product brochure
eWON FLEXY Modular M2M Router with TALK2M Cloud services
CloudGate Modular and customizable 3G Router
RUT500 3G Router with WIFI Access Point