eFIVE VPN Server for eWON and any SCADA


Take control your own VPN infrastructure on your SCADA !

The eFive makes the perfect bridge between your remote site and your SCADA in a wide range of applications. Two different versions are proposed: the eFive 25 and the eFive 100 allowing respectively up to 50 and 200 permanent remote VPN connections. Both are designed for easy deployment and management through embedded Web based user interface.



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Typical architecture

eFive provides a dedicated Internet connection to your SCADA network. Your eFive handles all connectivity and security tasks to enable your SCADA to connect to remote sites.

1. eFive = Firewall + VPN server
2. Requirements: Internet access with fixed IP or DynDNS


• Modbus TCP server and buit-in gateway for easy integration with a wide variety of industrial  Ethernet/Serial devices using various protocols: PPI, MPI, Profibus, ISO TCP, DF1, EtherNet/IP®, Modbus  RTU, Modbus TCP, FINS Hostlink, FINS TCP, etc.
• Data buffering in case of communication loss
• Full industrial grade routers
• Easy setup using wizards

SCADA + eFive

• Easy integration in the local IT network
• Plug’n Play setup
• Routing and security
• VPN bridge mode for seamless access to remote devices

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