Netbiter: the “SCADA in the Cloud” approach

Recently introduced by AiRiCOM in Middle East, eWON Netbiter is a smart concept of remote monitoring of your assets through a secure and sophisticated cloud platform called “ARGOS”. eWON Netbiter enables you to monitor and control remote installations online. You can track performance, get alarms if something is wrong, and even manage and configure your equipment via a regular computer or smartphone.

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As an equipment manufacturer, infrastructure owner or caretaker, you need to make sure that your machinery is operational. However, on-site maintenance and service trips are expensive and time-consuming. You don’t want to invest into an expensive, hard to maintain SCADA software ? Netbiter and Argos does it for you !

With Netbiter, you have a way of staying on top of equipment status and operations remotely. Want to start, stop or modify set-points of your equipment ? Do it right away and… securely !

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• Software is provided as a service. No costly software installations
• Instant, secure access from any web browser
• Designed for scalability – use with one-off installations or large multi-user sites
• Benefit from continuous improvements without the need for software upgrades
• Easy integration with other tools and applications


Robust design

  • 24-12-2016 15-12-363G+ router with GPS
  • Dual Ethernet – WAN
  • RS485/RS232
  • 4 x Analog inputs
  • 2 x Digital inputs
  • 1 x Relay Output
  • ModBus (TCP and RTU), Allen Bradley (Ethernet IP and DF1),…
  • +70°C working conditions
  • Industrial grade and vibrationproof


Advanced features

  • Datalogging
  • Geofencing
  • API (Web based API – Web services) to connect data to your own software environment
  • trendgraphs and reporting
  • Remote Access for troubleshooting and reprogramming
  • Multi-language
  • Fancy dashboards





Download the datasheet