SatVUE: satellite Remote Monitoring System


SatVUE is a low-cost satellite remote monitoring system designed for a broad range of applications. SatVUE is a robust and reliable ultra-low power RTU solution that meets the demands of remote monitoring outside of typical 3G/4G telecommunications infrastructure, or simply for areas with no cellular coverage like in desert or mountains. Typical applications include, level monitoring of tanks, monitoring of flow in gas/water pipelines; environmental monitoring of ambient and water quality parameters for regulatory compliance, irrigation flow monitoring, etc.

  • Multi-sensor compatibilitysatvue3
  • Solar or battery-powered
  • cost effective, easy installation
  • Online data Portal enabling full Remote Access
  • FTP and email support
  • Inmarsat Data Pro Satellite Network Communications
  • 20€/month satellite package (sends one hourly historical database per day) – polling frequency can be increased if required

Flexible sensor integration with up to 2 Analog, Digital or MODBUS I/O protocol inputs.

A broad range of sensors can be integrated with the SatVUE system. This makes for the perfect solution regardless of the parameters you are required to monitor; water level, pH, DO, turbidity, EC, flow, rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, CO2, SO2, O2, volatile organic compounds, soil moisture, leaf wetness, hydrocarbons, etc.

Remote Data Access
From as little as $1 per day, SatVUE will transmit your crucial measurements/readings (at user-defined intervals) via an established satellite communications link: the Inmarsat Data Pro Satellite Network. Access data anywhere, anytime via your own unique and secure web portal using your web-enabled device (smartphone, PC, tablet etc). Trends, mimics and location tracking (via Google Maps) makes it quick and easy to check the current status of your SatVUE devices. Data can be downloaded in a variety of formats; .CSV, .XLS or even PDF.  Connectivity on existing SCADA can also be directly performed using standard FTP mechanisms.



Designed as an off-the shelf, plug&play solution SatVUE couldn’t be easier to set up in-field. Choose from either a pole mounted version or a tank mounted version. it will be up and running in 3 minutes !


Download the datasheet


IP Rating                             IP65

Weight                                5.1 kg (solar panel version)  + 2.1 kg (batteries only version)

Battery Type                       12V/7.2AHr AGM

Battery Life                         >2 yrs at 1 message per day (Li-primary model)

Sensor Connector Type    Tajimi 7 pin female connector

Mating Connector             Tajimi 7 pin male connector

Power Input                        12-32V

Power Output                     5V – 12V

Analog Inputs                      2 x [4-20mA / 0-10V / 0-5V /0-3V] +  1 x 0-3V (3 in total)

Digital Inputs                       3 (shared digital and analog inputs)

Digital Outputs                    2 x 12V, 1 x 3V

Serial port                            1 x RS485 ModBus

Solar Panel                           5W

Days without sun                 30

Pole Mounting OD               50mm

Data format supported       CSV, XLS, PDF


      Mored details and installation Manual: Quick Start Guide