Radio link Ethernet solutions

We offer you to build an architecture for wireless radio communication between your Ethernet equipment.


The radio link establishes a wireless communication between a point A and a point B.
This technology will provide a wireless Ethernet connection, for distances greater than 100m, when wiring is not possible.

Example of topology


How it works…

Our range of industrial radios operate on the 868MHz, 2.4 or 5GHz unlicensed frequencies, making use of “frequency hopping” to ensure greater security during transmission while covering long distances.
The 868MHz radios, 2.4 or 5GHz ones allow high transmission rates (up to 300Mbps); which is ideal for communicating data between a PLC and a SCADA, for instance.

Some of our radio modems combine several features simultaneously such as:

  • Master or Slave
  • Access point (hotspot to connect onto a wireless equipment)
  • Repeater (for amplifying the radio signal)
  • Bridge

For more information, please refer to our different solutions in the product category “Wireless Radio”