Wireless “IO – COPY” solutions

AIRICOM offers several solutions for the acquisition of wireless data and copying the I/O statuses remotely.


Copying status of I/O by wireless technology is to read, write or control an I/O module via a radio communication.
The radio link is often to replace a fieldbus because the distances are too high for example, or simply because pulling wires are complicated, too costly or impossible.

Example of topology using a PLC and Remote I/O’s


How it works…

In practice, each I/O module is equipped with a radio modem via an RS485 serial link.
A radio link operates at least by pair or through a repeater in the middle of the wireless communication to increase the signal.
After pairing, the input of a module A will copy itself at the outputs of a module B and vice versa.
This type of application can also be done between a master controller and I/O modules.

Finally, according to the radio modules, your wireless communication can be established on demand, from a few meters to several kilometers distance.

Other solutions from AIRICOM for wireless I/O-COPY:



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