Wireless Remote I/O’s

Examples of wireless I/O solutions that AIRICOM provides, depending on your scope of activity.

Industrial Automation


Use wireless sensors to detect presence of unwanted product in your manufacturing and optimize data transfer and network maintenance while reducing costs.

Remote Indicators

Help your production operators to easily call the forklift operators for delivery or shipment of parts of the workstations.

Production Efficiency

Alert your factory floor engineers by simply pressing the button on wireless “Q45” model with its EZ-LIGHT LED indicator.


Tank level Monitoring

Measure liquid level and control a pump or open a valve remotely using the wireless Flex-Power unit.

Flow control

Collect flow data with no wire within an explosion proof ATEX device.

Gas Analysis

Monitor online gas emmission coming out of factory chimneys.

Building Automation

Fridge monitoring

Master the storage environment by controlling the temperature and humidity with a wireless sensor.

Energy Efficiency

Optimise the energy efficiency of your installation by getting building informations without pulling costly wires.


Monitor your energy expenditure with a wireless network, automatically controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning in real time.


Water Treatment

Collect pH, conductivity, level and temperature from a simple wireless unit equiped with 4 analog inputs .


Follow the level of leaching and control the pump, with total count of volume extracted using a node without single-wire + powered by batteries.


Monitor the internal temperature of the windrows to produce quality compost with a probe consisting of a node and thermocouples..



Climate control in greenhouses with the temperature/humidity wireless sensors, powered by batteries.


Remote control of irrigation valves with online pressure monitoring.

Ground humidity

Online monitoring of soil humidity.

Transport & logistics


Confirm correct positioning online with status monitoring of cranes.


Synchronize your Automatic Vehicle Guidance application for optimized guidance and .correct operation.

Trucks & Logistics

Anticipate truck presence with wireless M-GAGE sensor, located into the ground.